Women’s Self Defence

Women’s Only Self Defence Classes on Thursdays at Kelvin Hall 18:00 – 19:00

Suitable for beginners as well with no previous martial arts experience or habit of going to the gym regularly! Our aim is to enable women to stay safe and alert in any environment!

Krav Maga is an easy to learn self-defence system, extremely modular and designed to be taught to 5-year-olds as well as 80-year-olds.


Stay Away Women’s Self-Defence courses and seminars are suitable for women of all abilities; no previous martial arts or self-defence training is necessary. Our courses have been designed to deal with the unique threats faced by women. Men and woman are built differently and our courses teach you to use modified counter attacks to fend off attackers.

Women have to confront two main threats: sexual assault and sexual harassment. It’s a common assumption that resisting and counter attacking the attacker may aggravate him and cause him to become more violent. This assumption is wrong: studies have shown that immediate and aggressive responses including fighting back are effective (Dr Judith Herman, author Trauma and Recovery).

Participants on the courses will learn how to:

  • Overcome the difference in attacker’s size and strength
  • The use of body language
  • Dealing with knife threats
  • Effective counter attacks
  • The use of everyday common objects
  • The essence of danger

Our objective is simple: to ensure that as many woman as possible attend these courses and stay safe.

Women's Self Defence