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Womens Self Defence

Womens Self Defence

Who Are IKMF

Meet our Team

Robert Bennett

Senior Instructor at Scottish Krav Maga Systems and IKMF Expert 1. Robert has been involved in martial arts for over 20 years and he currently holds a 3rd dan ranking in Shotokan Karate and is the first Scottish Instructor to go from P1 to Expert 1 with IKMF. He is qualified to teach Krav Maga to children, youths and adults, and is a Krav Maga Security Instructor. Robert said: “as a father, I quickly realised how effective and practical Krav Maga was in relation to other systems when dealing with self defence, especially for kids.”

Scott Weir

Scott has been involved in martial arts since the age of 18. He is an IKMF Expert 1 and holds qualifications in the Civilian, Military and Female Krav Maga. As well as his regular classes he teaches Female only seminars and workshops, as well as advanced military, weapons and anti-terrorism seminars throughout the UK.

John Lorimer 

John is a Lead Instructor in Civilian Krav Maga, having completing Civilian, Kids and Women’s instruction courses and is currently graded at Expert 1. He teaches regular classes in the West End of Glasgow. In 2012, along with Scott, he completed the Stay Away Women’s course and Heads SKMS Women’s self-defence section. He has carried out Women’s self-defence Seminars and classes throughout Scotland for Commercial companies, Glasgow City Council, Women’s Institute to Girls Schools, Glasgow University and Women’s Aid. He has a boxing background and still trains regularly.

Ronnie McColl

Ronnie has been involved in Krav Maga for eight years and is a fully qualified Adult and Kids instructor. He graduated in Israel and is currently qualified to teach all ages. Ronnie worked in the Prison System for two and a half years and due to the nature of his post he had to use his Krav Maga training on a daily basis and can testify to its effectiveness – not just in dealing with direct violence but in being able to avoid it. Both of Ronnie’s daughters – Molly and Mirren have also been involved in Krav Maga for three years.

Amber Higgins

Amber is qualified to teach Krav Maga to Civilians and Children and she is currently a G1. Amber is also the Child Protection Officer for SKMS and has two young children Iona and Hamish who are also involved in Krav Maga.

Barbara Sasfy

Barbara first started Krav Maga on the University of Glasgow Beginner course. Since then she became an Assistant Kids Instructor and is working towards her P4. She is also the President of the Krav Maga Society at the University of Glasgow.